Full passes allow the ticket holder access to all events during the 3 days of the festival (morning events and night events) before and after 6pm. Regular passes only allow access to night events after 6pm (Lagoun events and Wadi el-Tweilat events).
Basically, our door policies clearly state that entrance for our events are exclusively for couples and mixed groups only. Groups with an appropriate male to female ratio.

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks inside the venue

Age is restricted to 21+

Once you’re settled, make your way to the Chill O’posite registration office at Tirana Resort in Dahab to receive your festival bracelet. Chill O'posite Registration office will be open on Sep 29 at 12:00 PM. 

Tickets are non-refundable under any circumstance.

Tickets are non-transferable unless you contact our ticketing office, please send us an email to for further support.

Last day to accept transfer request would be September 26th

The most appropriate way is to exchange your local currency to USD, and exchange USD to EGP when arriving to Dahab. *Most ATM’s in the streets exchange USD to EGP.

Yes, you can withdraw money out of your VISA card but it’s less costly to bring USD with you.

The weather in Dahab is summer all year round. It can get hot by noon and at night its breezy but NOT COLD. *It’s not a bad idea to take one light jacket with you (we always do, but we never use them). Actually, we never use most of the luggage we take.

Wireless internet is free at most Hotels and Restaurants, but the signal and speed is not what you are used to in your hometown. we recommend that you leave your technology in your rooms and just enjoy Dahab as it was intended to be.

Head back to Chill O’posite’s registration office in Dahab at Tirana Resort with a personal identification document and the damaged bracelet and our team will take care of the rest. Lost bracelet can’t be exchanged or refunded (Damaged bracelet should be returned in full length).

Let’s be honest, service is not great. Patience is needed.

Send us a mix of 60 minutes to If you have a band, send us your discography with your bio and technical rider. Even if we couldn't have the chance to host you this year, we will add you to our database for next year, so it's never a bad idea to share your music with us.

Most important things are your swimwear and slippers. We always take a light jacket and we never use it, but it's not a bad idea to have one with you!

By attending the festival, you agree to appear in videos or/ and photos that might be uploaded to the internet. Professional cameras are strictly not allowed inside the parties without permission from our team. For press passes and permission to cover please fill out the form of the Media Requests section in our Get Involved page on our website.

If you've found an item that might belong to someone attending Chill O'posite, please return it to our office in Dahab at Tirana Resort.

If you've lost an item, check with our office, if it wasn't found there, the guys will do their best to help you out but of course this is not guaranteed.

We are always improving your festival experience so you can spend less time queuing at the bar, and more time enjoying the music.

Going cashless will ensure speed of service, increased security and ease of transactions at the many bars and food outlets.

Your wristband will be your digital wallet during the 3 days of the festival, It will be used to purchase food and beverage inside our venues. (Cash will not be accepted inside the venues)


How does it work?

·       When you arrive at the festival, your ticket will be swapped for a wristband which must remain on your wrist for the duration of the event.

·       Your wristband will act as your ‘digital wallet’ in all the venues of the event.

·       You MUST NOT remove the wristband, or your ticket will become void.

·       During the event, you can load money to your wristband at our TOP-UP STATIONs. The Top-up Station will accept Cash and Cards at Tirana Resort and ONLY CASH at Sound of Mountain event during the 3rd day.

·       All food, drinks at Chill O’posite festival need to be paid using your wristband. 

We recommend that you top-up at least 1000 EGP on your first Top-up. This will guarantee less trips to the Top-up stations and more time to enjoy the event.

You can ask any vendor or top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how much credit you have remaining.

  • Make sure you hold onto your wristband after the event and head to the registration desk at Tirana Resort on Sunday October 2 between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to claim a refund for any unused credits left in your wristband.

  • You will need to have at least 100 EGP left in your balance to be eligible for a refund.

  • There are no fees to receive a refund.